The easy life at Koh Kood island, Thailand

1. Bungalow at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand

Koh Kood, or Koh Kut, was for me an unknown island, and I was excited to experience it. The island is fairly large, actually the 4th largest in Thailand, and is situated in the eastern part, just a short boat ride from Trat.


Boonsiri Catamaran left from Leam Sok pier outside Trat at 10.45 for the 90 minutes crossing.  Upon arrival at Koh Kood, we were guided to a car taking us to Dusita Resort. This service was included in the boat ticket.


Sitting on the songthaew, driving fast through the hilly landscape, at some points giving the feeling of being on a roller coaster, gave at least a small impression of the island. Stopping along the way to let off other passengers, we got further insight for just a few minutes.  Stopping at one of the places (that we later learned was Tinkerbell) we turned to each other and there was a mutual understanding that we wanted to go there during our stay. Luckily, it turned out our beach was not too far away.


Dusita Resort is situated around a huge lawn, with bungalows along the backside overlooking the green field with occasional coconut trees, and the long-stretched white beach between that and the clear blue sea.  Framed by the rocky bay on one side, and the curved beach with palm trees stretching over the water on the other, made it picture perfect! And with the sun setting directly in the ocean horizon, nothing could spoil that moment. Except the mosquitoes. But, I did not notice their presence before. Those sneaky bastards!

If I could offer you only one tip for the trip; mosquito repellent would be it!


2. Bedroom, Bungalow at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.


3. Bathroom, Bungalow at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

4. Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

5. Beach at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

6. Beach at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

7. Nice spot on the Beach at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

8. Sunset swim at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand


We sneaked back to the bungalow for a quick shower in the cozy half-outdoor bathroom, before enjoying genuine and tasty Thai food for dinner. Actually we ended up having most of our meals here. Partly because it was convenient, and partly because they had so much to choose from and we felt we scored each time. However, I always feel I have to try different places, so one evening we walked to the nearby village, and another to Horizon resort next door. They also have a nice bar overlooking the sunset. We, on the other hand, enjoyed all the sunsets partly sitting in the sand at the beach, or floating or sitting covered in the water.


As my last trips have been more active, I found myself restless. The continuously need for swimming to cool down certainly helped though. But after walking the beach a few times, photographing the palms from all possible angles, time had come to rent kayaks. Our goal; the dream beach just a few bays away.


9. Beach at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand


10. Beach at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.


11. Pier at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand.

12. Getting ready to kayak at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand


Paddling passed the small delta and the resort we renamed the party place the night before, we saw land (ahoy!) and the beach by Tinkerbell. At that stage, our stomach told us it was time to eat. Honestly, the food and prices were much better at Dusita. But the view and ambiance is a different thing though.


13. Kayaking at Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand

14. The beach by tinkerbell, Kohn Kod, Thailand

15. Lunch at Tingerbell, Kohn Kod, Thailand


Hanging around at the beach for a short while after lunch, I decided to explore a bit, paddling along the mangroves. It was a nice (but very hot) trip, so I really wished I had brought some cash with me for a cold drink at one of the places along the way (there you go, tip #2). As the water here is sheltered from the wind and therefor very calm, it is suitable for both experienced and beginners.


16. Kayaking in the mangroves, Kohn Kod, Thailand

17. Kayaking at dusk, Dusita Resort, Kohn Kod, Thailand


The rest of the way along the beach was a bit more rough, but I arrived back just in time for our last sunset, and the hungry mosquitoes.

18. Another sunset at Kohn Kod, Thailand




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The Dustia Resort sounds incredible (except for the little pests, lol). Will definitely have to keep it in mind when we travel to Thailand one day. Thanks for a great post and awesome pictures.

We love Thailand and this looks like another place to put on our "must go" list for the next trip. Thanks Linn for a great review!

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."  Henry Miller