The Changing Mood of Calgary Skies

Calgary, a city of about 1.1 million people, is situated in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It's in the region where the Great Plains of Central Canada abutt the mountains.  Calgary is about 1 hour's drive east of beautiful Banff National Park.  It was also the host city of the 1988 Winter Olympics! 


Calgary has a short but beautiful summer and a long, harsh winter.  I am lucky to call Calgary my home, and to have a backyard that overlooks both the city centre and a nearby natural reserve park called Nose Hill.  Shown here in today's pictures of the day are the dynamic changes of Calgary's four seasons, all taken from my backyard. One can really sense the beauty and power of nature:


Calgary skies 01 Sunrise. Plane taking off into sun.

(a plane taking off from Calgary Airport and flying into a fiery sunrise)


Calgary skies 02 Cold winter morning

(a frosty January morning.  -31 C)



Calgary skies 03a Before a severe hailstorm

(a summer hailstorm approaches....)


Calgary skies 13 Storm with rainbow and hail


Calgary skies 03b After a severe hailstorm

(....and the sky during and after the hailstorm)


Calgary skies 12 Hail [usually not this large!)

(How's that for hail?)


Calgary skies 05 Night

(Crescent-moon over Calgary)


Calgary skies 05 Sunrise

(sunrise over Calgary)



Calgary skies 06 Sunrise

(sunrise during the winter)


Calgary skies 07 Sunset

(and sunrise in the fall)


Calgary skies 08 Sunset

Calgary skies 09 Fog

(morning fog)


Calgary skies 10 Winter

(another frosty winter day...)


Calgary skies 11 Rainbow

(double rainbow)


Calgary skies 14 Strom clouds

 (scary looking clouds before a summer storm....)


Calgary skies 15 Fireworks

(Canada Day fireworks)


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