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The 5 Miami Croquetas You Must Try

I don't know about you but growing up in Miami croquetas were a part of their own food group. You have your veggies, your fruit, your meat and, of course, your croquetas. With that being said I pretty much try croquetas everywhere I go. If they are on the menu I am trying them.


Here is a short list – I could go on for days – of some of the croquetas you have to try one rainy Saturday afternoon.


1.     Bread + Butter: For several reasons this place has become my favorite Coral Gables hangout. They have all of my favorite foods – homemade pastelitos, their version of a frita and, of course, their croquetas. All I am going to mention about these beauties are that there are made to taste exactly like you are biting into a media noche. Enough said.




2.     Islas Canarias: These have got to be top on my list. I have been having these bad boys for so many years I don't even remember when I had my first one. If you haven’t tried one of these you must. Eat one in between soda crackers and another one with a dollop of ketchup. ¡Que delicia!




3.     Dolores but you can call me Lolita: These croquetas literally melt in your mouth. I would recommend that you don't share if you are a croqueta connoisseur like me because the batch comes with about 5 or 6 and they are pretty bite sized. These Serrano ham croquetas are definitely something you can write home about.





4.     Sergio’s: When you go to Sergio’s you could literally make a meal from just croquetas. And, no, don't judge. You can most definitely do this and I guarantee you no one at Sergio's will look at you funny. These are absolutely amazing. Like their tagline says, “Get your hands of my croquetas.”





5.     Versailles: This place is the headquarters of everything Cuban culture. If you haven’t tried one of their croquetas then you haven't lived the full experience. I would pair it with a cortadito con leche condensada. Like I always like to say –if you are going to do it then do it big.







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Katy Patao

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Originally Posted by DrFumblefinger:

They look great!  Exactly how do they differ from place to place?

Honestly they are all delicious! They each have their own distinct taste due to the seasoning from each restaurant. But none of them taste the same!

Katy Patao

Originally Posted by MsK:

Is there filling inside? What are they made of?  I've never had one.

Yes, they could be filled with many things. Usually they are filled with ham, chicken or potato. You should try one. They are delicious!

Katy Patao

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