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Tasty lunch sets the table for climate conference

The world climate conference (COP21) opens today in Paris with 150 heads of state and government meeting to try for a world agreement on environmental issues. The outcome is still doubtful, but lunch will not be a problem.


A team of French chefs has prepared a 75-minute lunch, focusing on organic local produce, for the leaders, who will have spent the morning getting started on 12 hours of 3-minute speeches setting the mission of the conference while their delegations work on the actual details of proposals.


So...the menu! The lunch, served at the historic Le Bourget airport north of the city, starts with "Modern Freneuse turnip soup with scallops cooked in floral steam" followed by "Free-range poultry from Licques, stuffed celery preserve with truffles and parsleyed creamed spinach." These will be followed by an organic Reblochon cheese from the Mont Blanc region, and then dessert: a Paris-Brest cake (like the one above) with stewed citrus and a "light praline cream."


To wash it down thre will be an assortment of wines and Champagnes, all in a fairly-modest €50-60 range (modest for heads of state, anyway) and fruit juice for those who don't take alcohol.


More details—and more food pictures—from HERE


Photo: StÉphanie Kilgast/Flickr

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