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Sweets Upon Sweets at TK’s at the Villa Mayfair

The first time I ate TK’s at the Villa Mayfair’s vanilla mousse cheesecake I was celebrating Yelp’s 10th anniversary, and I remember thinking it was one of the best desserts I had ever tasted. Not too long ago I was invited over to the restaurant to try a few of their other desserts and I was able to be reunited with the cheesecake.


First of all when you first walk in to the restaurant you are greeted with a really warm, cozy home-like feeling. The dÉcor they chose to use really brings out a welcoming environment for not only your romantic date with your partner, but it’s also the perfect setting for an after work happy hour.


Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake

I am going to be honest I have never been a huge cheesecake fan until I took my first bite out of the vanilla mousse cheesecake. I soon learned that typical cheesecake has a piecrust as the base, sometimes making it a little too dense. At TK’s their head chef Mirabelle created her own wafer cookies. She then crushes, pats them down and then layers the mousse cheesecake on top. She then tops it with a fresh strawberries and raspberries. It really is perfection my friends. Fluffy and perfectly delicious.


Pair it with: GL Laurent-Perrier Brut


Lemon Blueberry Cake

Their lemon blueberry cake is made with moist cake, cream cheese frosting and lemon coulis. The blueberries aren’t part of the cake mix as you would think – they are actually carefully layered throughout the cake. This is the perfect little summer treat for those that are looking for something sweet yet not too heavy. Side note: This cake is part of the lunch Miami Spice menu, so get it while it’s hot!


Pair it with: Kracher Beerenauslese


Decadent Chocolate Triple

Now this one my friend is sinful. This slice of heaven is made with perfectly moist brownies, layered with a silky trio of chocolate mousse served with a fresh raspberry coulis. When you take your first bite the first thing you taste is the brownie and then you are hit with the three layers of chocolate mousse.


Pair it with: Vanilla Coffee Mojito (I was able to try this and the mint they use really tastes like chocolate – like Andes Mint!) 





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