Stockholm's Haymarket Square


Hötorget (Haymarket) is a city square in the center of Stockholm; it used to be the market where hay was sold.  Haymarket is in a busy part of the city, adjoining the Royal Concert Hall and Hötorgshallen food market hall, so it's a good place to people watch.

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On weekdays and Saturday, it's the site of a popular fruit and vegetable market.  However, on Sunday a flea markets occupies the square.

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I visited in mid-September when the market featured a large assortment of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.  The most popular items in the market were several types of mushrooms, especially lovely golden-yellow chanterelles.  From what I could gather, these are all forest mushrooms, hand-gathered in the wilderness.

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The market also had a nice assortment of flowers available.

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Prepared food is available in an indoor food court that adjoins the Haymarket, but that's a story for another day.


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