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"Spotted on the Road". Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

One of the many things I've grown to appreciate over the years, at home and on my travels, is a beautiful classic well-maintained car.  They are works of art!  I love them and know a few of them, but lack the knowledge to identify most or figure out what's special about a particular model


I hope someone in our audience can help me identify and better understand what's special about these two beauties.  These cars were spotted while visiting my brother in the charming small city of Thunder Bay, on the North Shore of Lake Superior (the largest lake in the world).


So below is what we'll car Car #1.  Hard to miss it with that impressively big HEMI sticking out of the hood.  Presume this was an after market modification?

Car #1. Hemi



Below an overview of Car #1.  

Car #1. Overview



Car#2 is below.  Believe it's a Dodge, but not sure of the year or exact model.

Car #2

Car #2b


Appreciate any help you can provide.  Thanks!  Just leave your comments below.


Images (4)
  • Car #1.  Hemi
  • Car #1.  Overview
  • Car #2
  • Car #2b

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Yes, Mrs. Briggs.  Had meant to say it's a Chevy (not a Dodge, my mistake) and you've spotted it as a Camaro.  But still don't know it's year and still not sure what that great Hemi is attached to.


Canadians pretty much have the same cars as Americans do.  Except they all have good engine block heaters and mandatory running lights.

Originally Posted by vivie:

Car#1-Dodge Charger 68 or 69. Similar to the one in a Fast & Furious.  And yes, aftermarket.

Car#2- Again 1968 or 1969. With a pic of rear end of car could say which year for sure.




Thanks so much for your help, Vivie!  You are a CAR expert.

My thoughts


Car # 1  1967-68 Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi.  Not necessarily aftermarket - you could get it as an option.  The high rise and the blower were added.  They came with dual quads.


Car # 2  Most likely 1969 Camaro Super Sport (SS) Coupe.  396 engine.


What's special about these beauts ?  > They are worth a lot of money these days 

$ 30 K - $ 40 K.

The black car is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. You can tell it's a '70 by the line across the middle of the grille and the shape of the front-fender running lights. R/Ts only came with two engine choices - the 375 HP 440 cubic inch or the 425 HP 426 Hemi.


The second car is a 1969 Camaro. It appears to be an SS, but that's pretty easy to clone.


Can't wait to see what you came up with in Cuba!

Thanks, Dave B!!  Another car expert!  We're lucky to have you as a member!  I love cars, but as with women find they're pleasant to look at but I know little about them,  LOL!  (hey, it's a joke everyone, relax!)


Appreciate your input and we've several pieces on Cuban cars planned, featuring dozens of photos.  I know you'll like them.  And be challenged by them.  Cubans have a say of changing cars slightly when needed.


And feel free to share your love of cars as you hit the road with the rest of us!

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