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Split Rock Creek and Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


In June of 2004, I spent part of week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the LWMS convention.  It is a beautiful area and was glad I got to explore a little before the convention started. I knew about Falls Park and was looking forward to seeing it. However, I did some research and found quite a few other exciting things to do in the area. One place I was able to visit was a place called Split Rock Creek and Park. It is a great place for camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, fishing and picnicking.

Split-Rock-Park2Folklore also has it that while escaping from a posse hot on his heels, Jesse James supposedly soared over the canyon on horseback. However, the park's recent history, including a pioneer village, flour mill and silver mine, is no match for the old legends and fables.

Split-Rock-Park5Although it's one of South Dakota's smallest parks, the sheer cliffs here create a dramatic setting, as well as some of the best rock climbing in the state. The 80 foot towering rock cliffs provide energetic climbers with a series of routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.12. Here, organized groups hone their scaling and rappelling skills.

I didn’t do any of that, but I did take a tour on a pontoon boat with some other Split-Rock-Park3LWMS ladies, and we saw a lot of people climbing. We also learned a lot about the history of the area and more about Jesse James. It was a great tour and the weather was perfect for a boat ride. Here is a link to a website with more information about the area.

Split-Rock-Park1I would definitely suggest checking out Split Rock Creek and the area around it when visiting Sioux Falls. I am so I got in the night before the convention and was able to take this wonderful tour. Below is some more info about the area and contact info. Happy travels.

Split-Rock-Park4Trails: Scenic hiking trail to Devil's Falls and Devil's Stairway. A footbridge spans the chasm that legend claims Jesse James' horse jumped to escape a posse. Free entrance May - October.

Split-Rock-Park7Camping: Primitive camping - 11 electrical pads at Split Rock. Camping reservations: 605-594-2225. Modern camping facilities & camping cabins at Palisades. For reservations: 1-800-710-2267

Split-Rock-Park8Canoe/Kayak: During high water flow in spring and after heavy summer rain, Split Rock Creek is one of South Dakota's best streams for white-water paddling. The stream drops 130 feet in 8 miles between the SD Hwy. 11 access west of Garretson through Palisades State Park to the SD Hwy. 11 access north of Corson. Access can be found in Palisades State Park as well as McHardy Park in Brandon. The sheer walls of red quartzite that line portions of the creek provide a scenic trip for paddlers. If you do like to white river raft, here is a link to my post -  Six White Water Rivers to Paddle this Summer.


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