Some Street Art from Ljubljana


This post contains a few photos of some of the art we discovered while wandering the streets of the Slovenian capital, which I hope you enjoy.  The first we encountered was this statue of a bull taken outside of a bank near the apartment where we were staying -- shades of Wall Street!

01 Street Art Ljublajana

One of these pieces of street art provided last weekend's One Clue mystery photo.   It's a bronze in a fountain called, 'Youth Wheel' (1962).  Congratulations to George G, who figured out where we were visiting.

02 Street Art Ljublajana

I didn't catch the names of anyone of the following pieces, but some seemed a little familiar.  The bronze below reminds me of a tai chi or martial arts pose.

04 Street Art Ljublajana

It being Slovenia, you'd need to have a few dragons around...

05 Street Art Ljublajana

I think the kangaroo was meant to be a planter, but people were using its pouch as a trash receptacle.

06 Street Art Ljublajana

08 Street Art Ljublajana

This wall receives my nomination for the best use of an exterior pipe -- ever.

07 Street Art Ljublajana

Another gaping hole to be filled by trash....

09 Street Art Ljublajana

10 Street Art Ljublajana

Perhaps a statue of Adam and Eve? -- after the apple.

11 Street Art Ljublajana

12 Street Art Ljublajana

This piece was found near the Central Market, although I have no idea what it represents.

13 Street Art Ljublajana

This youngster desperately needs a pair of knickers.

14 Street Art Ljublajana

15 Street Art Ljublajana


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Correct about the Adam and Eve piece by Slovene sculptor Jackov Brodar.  Wonder what reward Eve promised Adam if he took a bite too.

George G

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