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Savannah, Georgia Food Tour


When you visit a new place one great thing to do is to explore its food culture. But how can you do that in a short period of time? I always look for food tour, and Savannah has a really one, in the Historic & Secret East Side Food Tour. The tour explored some lesser known eateries and and through facts about historic Savannah to boot.

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The started at the Capital Bee Company, on E. Broughton Street. Capital Bee is a gift shop that sells all sorts of honey, bee and Savannah related items. But its specialties are the wide range of honey, sourced from many different places and flower types. Our tour was treated to a wonderful description of the different options with a tasting of several different flavors.

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We left the store and walked three blocks over to Washington Square. Underits stately trees we stopped and enjoyed our next sample, a serving of fried chicken and biscuits from Rise Southern Chicken & Righteous Biscuits. The chicken was juicy and the biscuit was scrumptious. The store is open for breakfast and lunch.

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From there, the tour passed by The Pirate house, Savannah’s oldest restaurant, and went on to Cha Bella. This modern Italian farm-to-table restaurant has taken an old industrial building and now creates wonderful, fresh organic food.

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We walked west along York Street, past many historic buildings, including the 1790 House hotel and the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters. Our next stop was at B&D Burgers, where we were treated to sliders.

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From B&D we continued along Broughton Street to Common Restaurant. We sat up in the balcony and enjoyed their take on Oysters Rockefeller, which included greens along with the a very rich sauce.

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Our final stop was Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop, a Savannah staple since 1919.

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The Historic & Secret East Side Food Tour was a wonderful afternoon exploration into some great food. It also offered an exploration of historic Savannah’s East Side neighborhood.

Nuts and Bolts:
The Historic & Secret East Side Food tour is $56.95 per person. It is limited to 12 people and is recommended for people over the age of 13.


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