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Salmon River and its Canyon, Idaho


Idaho has some spectacular scenery, including some of the most remote landscapes in the lower 48 states.  The landscape is hilly and rugged and the rivers in the state provide some of the best fly-fishing and white-water rafting anywhere.

01 Salmon River

One of Idaho's great rivers is the Salmon River.  The Salmon begins and ends in Idaho, running about 432 miles.  It carves one of the deepest canyons in the United States, in areas 7,000 feet deep -- almost as deep as the Hells Canyon in the nearby Snake River.

02 Salmon River

This particular section of the Salmon offered some beautiful views and a narrow slot canyon that was dramatic, but not as deep as in other parts of the river's flow. 

04 Salmon River(The steep walls of the Salmon River Canyon)

I've heard the Middle Fork of the Salmon might be the best rafting trip in the USA.  Need to check into that.

03 Salmon River


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