PreCheck passes a milestone: 5 million members


TSA's PreCheck trusted traveler program has signed up 5 million members, and another 5 million are included through other trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry, Sentri, and Nexus.

But, at a glance, it's clear that the vast majority of travelers are still in the regular lanes, that lack the PreCheck benefits of shorter lines, leaving liquids and laptops in the bag and keeping your shoes on. TSA rules allow that, because the passengers in the programs are registered and have been checked.

TSA would like to sign up a lot more members, because they believe it keeps things moving. According to Acting Transportation Safety Administration Administrator Huban Gowadia, “By growing the trusted traveler population, we help our officers focus on potential threats, which strengthens the security screening process and ultimately provides better security for all travelers.”

That's a big point for TSA, which screened a record 17 million passengers and crew last week, and expects a record 231 million this summer. After last year's long-line crisis at major airports, they are anxious to have a smoother time.

TSA has 390 applications centers, including 44 at airports, where travelers can apply. It takes $85 for five years, biographical information and ID, a background check and fingerprints. The application is online HERE, but an in-person follow-up appointment is required.

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