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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec. 21, 2013: Fujian Life




Marching through the hills of Fujian, China, from one tulou to another, I and my all-Chinese tour companions went at a clip through a beautiful riverside village, walking on paths and climbing stairways built of stone.  Life appeared to me to be going on as it must have forever and with little regard for the single-file line of us passing by.


This man was washing uniformly cut pieces of bamboo, for what purpose I have no idea.  The stream he sat beside was small and running down through the village to a river of considerable size below. 


I don’t believe I’ve ever visited a more beautiful place with human habitation such a natural part of the landscape.  I felt a great sense of privilege to have found an opportunity to simply pass through.


What is a tulou?  Click here to see more of the story.



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