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Pompei expands visitor area, opens new sites


Pompei, the Italian city buried by a volcanic eruption 2000 years, is growing. Or, at least the area open to visitors will grow, as several more buildings will open to the public bringing the accessible part of the excavated area up to about 50%.

About 3 million visitors tour Pompei each year, and there have been criticisms that the large numbers are damaging the fragile remains. In addition to opening more of the area, spreading out the load, new pathways will be set up throughout the area to lighten traffic.

The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and some of the criticism of the crowding and damage has come from UNESCO officials; in a press conference last week, one accused cruise ship passengers of causing excess wear and damage.

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Photo: Venus, in one of the newly-opened buildings (Carole Raddato/Flickr)


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