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Paris to set flat-rate airport cab fares

A plan for fixed-rate taxi fares to and from Paris's two airports has been announced by the government, and it's already drawing cheers from travelers and big jeers from cabbies who believe the proposed rates are wrong and don't impose similar rules on rivals such as Uber.


The proposed rates for Charles de Gaulle are 50€ to anywhere on the Right Bank (north) or 55€ to Left Bank addresses.  Orly to the Left Bank would be 30€ and 35€ to Right Bank. 


Cabbies believe the app-based Uber and other competitors will undercut them on price in some cases, and that in some cases the set rate is higher than the meter would be. Meanwhile, both taxis and Uber need to look over their shoulder a bit: As reported on TravelGumbo a few weeks ago, there's now an Easybus from CDG to Palais Royal in central Paris for as little as 2€. That and a short cab ride make it a bargain.


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I like these set taxi prices because there are so many dishonest cabbies in the world.


I don't mind taking train or bus if I'm not to tired, but sometimes at the end of a long journey I like to splurge on a cab to get us directly to our hotel.  Much more pleasant that way and to me often worth the extra few Euros.

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