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Out-Of-The-Box Last Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas


After a long week of fast life and pressure at work, you just want to unwind. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a travel idea that excites you and helps you relax, and you've postponed the escape a couple of times. What’s more, endless commitments leave you with weekends only to organize a fun filled getaway - how can you pull anything like that in such a short time? We know how frustrating and intimidating this can be.

To help you out, we’ve suggested some cool weekend getaway ideas that you can pursue without a lot of prior planning.

  1. Go for a Hike

Hiking is an excellent way of exercising and keeping you engaged. A good location for an exciting weekend outdoors is Yosemite National Park. The months of May and June are the best for Yosemite Valley hiking. During the period, the temperature is perfect, Yosemite waterfalls are at peak, and the dogwoods bloom in the late spring. Since most of the visitors to the valley never explore further, you have an excellent chance to avoid the crowds.


Aside from Yosemite Village, consider Appalachian Trail which covers the entire eastern US from Georgia to Maine. However, since you only have a weekend, a hike to the Blood Mountain located between Appalachian Trail and Byron Reece Trail will do you good. Catch the stunning views of the mountain from the peak in Georgia.


  1. Explore New York City

New York City is a cosmopolitan that you can’t go wrong exploring. It’s a shopping destination with so much to do and see. When in New York, consider visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Here, you’ll get to see and understand contemporary art at its best. At MoMA, they present art in a way that’s exciting, inspiring, and captivating.


American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art are also worth your time.

If a day at the museum doesn't excite you, visit a nearby park. With 1700 parks and playgrounds around the city, you can engage in all manner of activities as your eyes feast on some of the breathtaking views in NYC. Some popular activities include walking, jogging, biking, playing tennis, golf, and soccer. You could also take part in some organized special events and festivals.


For the above activities and more, try New York’s green spaces such as world famous Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Flushing Meadows, Corona, etc.

  1. Enjoy a Night Out in a Casino Resort

Are you into gambling?  Then, you’ve got to redefine your idea of a luxurious getaway with some of Las Vegas's great resorts.  While here, experience a perfect combo of luxury and nature as you play your favorite games such as B6, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Craps.


Furthermore, a casino resort isn’t just about gambling and betting. You can also enjoy unlimited nightlife, exceptional dining, spa retreats and other relaxing activities. 

  1. Head to The Beach

There are numerous options for beach lovers in the US. For instance, Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui, Hawaii is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway. Here, you get to see the clear azure waters protected by two headlands. You can also swim and snorkel in these waters.


Located in Florida, Pensacola is another great beach to visit starting from the month of May when the chilly weather of March has passed. Here, you'll find numerous hotels where you can spend your weekend after a fun day. Sunbathing and kite-flying are some great activities you can engage to experience the thrill of a being in this beach.


  1. Go Camping

It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping for the first or the umpteenth time, there’s always some fun that comes with pitching a tent and sleeping outdoors in a new destination. In your adventure, you cannot miss the excitement associated with camping at the famous Baxter State Park. Located near Moosehead Lake in Maine, Eastern US, Baxter State Park welcomes you to the scenery of Mount Katahdin where you can set up your tents or cabins. Get to enjoy every hour of your day swimming, boating or just seeing wildlife.


Do you want to find the hidden treasure? Then you can never go wrong with visiting Crater of Diamonds States Park. It is located in the heart of Arkansas and if you're lucky to find a precious stone, rock, or diamond, you actually can keep it for yourself. Dodge the scorching sun at the Diamonds Spring Water Park just next. The campsite is graced with tree shades perfect for setting up your tent, RV, and more.



A study by the University of Vienna proves that those who take regular vacations from work experience fewer stress-related physical issues. So, shun the stress, boost romance, stay fit and stronger, and enjoy a longer life by planning regular getaways.


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