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Oštarija Peglez'n, Bled


00 Peglez'n

We enjoyed our stay in the small Slovenian town of Bled, largely because of its beautiful lake and island, but also because of the pleasant lakeside town.  One of its best features was great restaurants (and a fine bakery).

02 Peglez'n

03 Peglez'n

The best restaurant we visited was Peglez'n, which had good food and a pleasant decor. The restaurant is close to the shore of the lake and offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.  There's a large outside deck with nice views but it was cold and rainy, so we choose to dine indoors.

04 Peglez'n

We ordered grilled calamari and a pasta dish, with house wine, and all was really good!  The service was excellent.

05 Peglez'n


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