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Original Pronto Pup, Rockaway Beach, Oregon


One a recent trip to the Oregon coast my husband and I came across yet another unique hot dog stand. This one is located in Rockaway Beach, Oregon and is named The Original Pronto Pup. This place started over 80 years ago and actually specializes in corn dogs more than hotdogs.

Pronto Pup 2We saw this place one day while driving around but hey were closed for the day. Later that night we went to a Kroger’s affiliate to do some shopping and saw someone wearing a Pronto Pup t-shirt. I asked the lady if that place was good and that we wanted to try it but they were closed for the day. She said, we like to think so as we are the owners, lol. We both chuckled and we told them we would stop by later in the week when they were open. We did stop in a few days later and they were very happy to see us again and the corn dogs were amazing.

Pronto Pup 3Besides the huge corn dog on top of the building, they also have a mechanical corn dog ride kids can ride on for 50 cents. We saw a couple of kids take a ride on it, and thought it was funny. Happily they also have a patio so we were able to sit out there and enjoy our corn dogs with our fur-baby. If you are in the area, make sure to stop in and check out this unique restaurant.


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