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1000's Drawn to North Dakota

I've always thought picking up and moving was an option worth considering when one is stuck in a depressed area and few options are available.  Below is link to an excellent news article from the Fiscal Times on how people are doing that and moving to Williston, North Dakota.


Would you do something like that?  Have you done it in the past? 


"Nearly every business in town has “Help Wanted” signs and has raised wages to attract employees. McDonald’s started offering $300 signing bonuses, and the hourly pay for a cashier position at Walmart starts at $17.50, twice as much as the same position in other locations. And if a job-seeker can snag a job in the oil industry, they can make over $100,000 with no college degree"

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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I have not done that, Rob, but I do have some friends in North Dakota.  The wages are good, but before anyone makes the jump there, be sure you understand the cost of housing and such.  Apartments and homes are in short supply and expensive.  But as you pointed out, so is labor.  So if you can share an apartment with someone and are willing to work more than 40 hours a week, you can save a nice stash of cash.


Don't just go.  Educate yourself.  There are excellent job opportunities in the Dakotas, but be sure the place is right for you.

 A lot of people who went there are now packing out.   The Salvation Army is trying to help people - who cannot afford the cost of living in these places - "escape" from boomtown.


I see ads in the Indianapolis Craigslist for people wanting RVs and travel trailers to take the Dakotas and Montana.  Makes me wonder where they will park them when they arrive, how they will stand the winter, and if they did any research into the cost of living before pulling up roots.

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