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On Approach to Ushuaia


My husband and I and our two friends, Lestertheinvestor and his wife Pam, recently traveled to Antarctica.  It's a long journey to get from our home in northern Idaho to the tip of South America, with stops for us in Los Angeles, Houston, Buenos Aires, and finally Ushuaia.  After this Drake's Passage needed to be crossed before we finally got to see the Antarctic.



Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and is the port from which most expedition ships depart to Antarctica.  The city is situated in Patagonia and is surrounded by the Andes Mountain range.


I was lucky enough to have a window seat during out flight from Buenos Aires.  During most of our flight the cloud cover had been thick, and I couldn't see much, but during the approach into Ushuaia's airport the clouds began to clear, and I was fortunate to be able to see some of the peaks.


(Flying over the Beagle Channel)

The views of the mountains were lovely, as was that of the Beagle Channel as we approached and touched down in Ushuaia.

IMG_7483(Touching down at Ushuaia's airport)

Editor's note:  Be sure to check out LestertheInvestor'spost on the Octantis, the ship that took them to Antarctica.


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