OMG! United brings back the snacks in economy


Just when you thought all the news for back-of-the-plane flyers was bad, United Airlines has announced that starting in February, there'll be free snacks in coach.

Not the meals that once there were, but at least a little something to look forward to. It's part of United's "sorry" for the rocky times since its troubled merger with Continental; New CEO Oscar Muniz promised a focus on customer service, and here it is...

The change applies to flights that don't already have free food or snacks, which means mostly United's domestic route network. Before 9:45 am, the snack will be a caramel-filled waffle, a Dutch-style item called a 'stroopwafel.' After that, the offered items include pretzel sticks, Cajun corn sticks and an Asian-style mix of crackers and wasabi peas.

True, it's not much...but seeing something return after these years, well...


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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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