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October 11, 2017: Beautiful Boston Harbor and Long Wharf


Boston Harbor and Long Wharf from my first afternoon in town.  The Long Wharf is a historic pier which once extended from State Street nearly a half-mile into Boston Harbor. Due to landfill on the city end , this wharf is much shorter today. However it still functions as a dock for passenger ferries and tourist sightseeing boats.

Long-Wharf-BoatsThere were many boats and ferries still selling tickets. I thought the Duck Tour might be interesting but I wanted to see more of the harbor area and Faneuil Hall. However I decided to take the Charlestown Ferry which goes from Long Wharf to the Charleston Navy Yard. It  cost $3.50 each way, but was very nice. Not too bad for a nice view of the harbor and the city. Even saw the Tobin Bridge. It was pretty cool to see since I love bridges.

Long-Wharf-Tobin-BridgeThe views were amazing and the weather that afternoon was perfect. I had a nice time chatting with some folks from the UK. They were here on a two week holiday exploring the north east. Seeing the city from the water was very interesting. I didn't realize how close Boston Logan Airport is to the marina. It was enjoyable watching places take off and land.

Long-Wharf-AquariumToday, Long Wharf is adjacent to the New England Aquarium, the Marriott at Long Wharf, as well as several restaurants and shops. I did notice the Chart House while walking around. Having dinner there sounded nice, but I had my mind set on Cheers, lol.

Long-Wharf-Small-BoatThe Boston Harbor and Long Wharf were both amazing and pretty peaceful while I was there late on a Monday afternoon. There were tables around where people could sit and read, eat lunch, etc. I wish I had more time to explore, but I know I will be back the next time I am in Boston.


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