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November 5, 2016: Hatiheu, Nuku Hive, Iles Marquises


Aboard the cargo ship “Aranui” I visited The Marquises Islands. We sailed from Papeete, Tahiti for two weeks. Our first stop was in the Tuamotu Islands unloading cargo.

From there we sailed on to the Marquises stopping at five of them, always unloading cargo – cars, refrigerators, beer, etc. Then loaded on copra (dried coconut meat). Only a few of the islands had a port, most times we and the goods needed to be transported by longboats to shore. Rough seas existed many days.

On the island of Atuona we visited the graves of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel.

This photo was taken on our sixteenth stop. Before taking the photo, we ate a hearty meal of pit roasted pork.

A trip of a life time!


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  • Hatiheu, Nuku Hive, Iles Marquises

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