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Norway's mountains more popular—but for how long?


Norway's mountain areas are currently enjoying a wave of popularity, with record numbers of visitors seeking outdoor recreation—but the prospect of climate change that may lead to snow-starved winters leaves the future in doubt.

The rise, based on figures from the Norwegian Trekking Association, reflects increased interest in healthy lifestyles and outdoor activity, and may also have benefited a bit from areas further south in Europe already seeing fewer days of snow conditions.

The Norwegian Climate Foundation, in a report called 'Grey Winter,' has warned that current trends are pointing toward snowless winters in southern and coastal areas, and lower snow totals in more northerly and mountain areas by mid-century. The report points out that as this situation develops, it will have millions of dollars in effects on industries of all kinds, but especially recreation. has two longer articles on these topics. For more on the growth of mountain visits, click HERE. For more on the 'Grey Winter' report, click HERE


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Since the Jet Stream altered its course in 2010 all of northern Europe has been enjoying warmer winters. We're using less fossil fuel to heat our homes and farmers are enjoying a longer growing season. Fewer people are dying from winter related problems. 6,000 a year lives saved in the UK alone. That's 36,000  since 2010. The prevailing wind in winter now comes up from the Caribbean - instead of down from the Arctic Circle.  My heart goes out to the Norwegian Trekkers and their search for snow.

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