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New book celebrates Yellowstone, National Parks Centennial


Before the internet, I almost always bought books when I traveled to refer back to. Whether on a guided tour or exploring on my own, I wanted the facts about what I learned and to understand better what I experienced. From 20-page pamphlets to massive hardback books, I was always loaded down with reference material when I returned home.

As the internet gained strength and eventually provided the information I wanted, I stopped buying this reference material until recently. Just like reading a magazine over its digital cousin, I once again started collecting a few well-chosen travel books.

One book I was especially interested in was National Geographic’s recently released Yellowstone: A Journey through America’s Wild Heart. It seems a lifetime ago since I watched Old Faithful geyser erupt and observed black bears and their cubs meandering through the woodlands. With all the publicity surrounding the national park centennial, I decided to research some of America’s western parks in hopes of returning to relive the pleasure of this nation’s wilderness.

Best-selling author David Quammen’s narrative and the fantastic photography captured by eight National Geographic photographers over a two-year period make the book a treasure for travelers who have experienced the park and anyone planning a visit.

In 2015, four million sightseers visited the park. When you read the book and marvel at the exceptional photography, you’ll certainly know why America’s oldest national park is so popular.


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