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Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 3


We had a lot of big trips coming up in 2016, and while we were excited about these wonderful trips, they all come with big price tags. With this in mind, I did some research and found some of the best ways to cut our expenses, thus helping us save for these precious trips.  After doing all this research I figured this might help others wanting to save and be able to take their family on a holiday trip or start saving for their summer vacation next year.  

I found 18 money saving tips that can help make these trips possible. There is a lot of information, so I decided the break up the list into 3 separate posts. This is series finale part 3 which contains tips 13-18.  In case you missed it earlier this month, here is part one post of this series titled - Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 1 and here is part two post of this series titled - Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 2. Hope you have enjoyed this series of Money Saving Posts.

13 – Save money on movie-watching

moviesThere are some movies that you just have to see on the big screen, such as the new Star Wars movie, but more often than not, we will rent from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Red-box. It just doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on the movie itself, not to mention all the drinks and such at the snack bar.  A big benefit for me is being able to rewind if I missed something. It’s also fun to go back afterwards and watch a funny scene again. Sometimes you even get the bonus material which is a huge plus.

14 – Replace any old incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs

light-bulbBy replacing your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with models that have earned the Energy Star, you can save $75 each year per bulb. They might cost a bit more in the beginning but since they use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, typical fluorescent bulbs can pay for themselves in less than nine months, and then start saving you money each month.

15 – Start a savings account strictly for travel expenses

saving-acctThis is one I liked. I definitely started a savings account at my bank soley for the purpose of saving for our trips. Some people suggest giving it a fun nickname like “I’m Outta Here” , but TRAVEL FUND works for me �� It definitely helps me stay focused. I love the fact that I can easily transfer money over from another account. I also love that every time I go online to check my other accounts I see this one too.  I love watching it grow!

16 – Save automatically into your new travel savings account  

money1As stated above, having a separate savings account specifically for travel lets you see your progress towards your trip. However, having an automatic withdrawal from your regular account to your travel account ensures that you save to it regularly. $20 a week is over $1,000 a year, and $100 per bi-weekly pay check is $2,600 a year. Direct funds into this account on a regular basis and give it a bonus deposit when you can. I have been doing this a while and don’t even miss the amount I save from my paycheck. I save without even thinking about it ��

17 – The moment your paycheck comes in, deposit the ENTIRE difference into your travel account.

savings2I have been trying to do this each month and I am seeing a little bit of progress. Of course I wish it were more, but ever lit bit helps, right? As soon as my husband and I get paid I do try to transfer everything left into our travel account. Unfortunately, sometimes there isn’t anything, or much of anything left to transfer.  But I figure a few dollars here and there will eventually add up. Like my grandpa used to always say, a penny saved is a penny earned. ��

18 – Reduce drinking and smoking 

drinksA no-brainer if I ever saw one. Drinking out at bars, clubs, and restaurants can really add up, and add up quickly. You can buy a whole bottle sometimes for the price of one drink at a club. it can get ridiculous. If you really do want to have a drink with dinner, maybe limit it to one.  Much better to by it at the store and make your own drinks at home. Make it fun and have a wine tasting party where everyone brings a bottle to share.  We did that for a birthday party once, and it was a blast. You get so many different varieties to try. As far as smoking goes,  quitting can save you  thousands of dollars a year, it can also save your life!  I know this may be hard for some, but it is worth trying, and will get you to your travel destination much quicker.

money saving signsSo what do you think of this 3-part Money Saving Tips? Are there any that you are doing? If so, are they helping? Thanks in advance for any comments. Again, here are the links to Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 1 and Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 2  . Happy Travels!


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CaptureGU10LEDWe've been replacing CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) with new LED (Light Emitting Diode) type bulbs for over a year. They have multiple shapes to suit your needs. They use less than half the electricity of a CFL and last longer too. They have the added advantage of achieving full light in <0.5 seconds. Prices are dropping for all economy bulbs.


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  • CaptureGU10LED: LED Lamps - where 5 watts = 50 watts, and a straight swop !
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A nice conclusion to an interesting and helpful series, Samantha.  Thanks!  

Some people fund their travels by living very simply on the road -- keeping expenses to a few bucks a day.  That might work for them, but I travel to experience a place.  And that means admissions to attractions, eating good quality meals, staying at a decent hotel etc.  I'm old enough that an element of comfort and civilization are important to me.  I'd rather live simply at home than on the road, and these tips provide good advice for people who are having trouble saving for travel.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

Some more great tips Samantha!  For people with jobs that offer overtime, I've always found that is a great way to save up money quickly. It's easier to stay motivated working extra when you know the extra amount on your check funds your travel.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

Glad to see that you guys enjoyed the series. It was an interesting and eye opening post. Since I wrote this, we even cut cable and are using OTA and Netflix. Saving us about $100 a month. Not much, but it's a $100 closer to living my freedom lifestyle I am working toward. Thanks again for the comments. Have a great weekend.

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