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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov 22, 2013: Moab before the storm

4 - Moab before the storm 2-2Running as fast as they dare out on the old rutted highway from Cisco and heading fast for Moab, a warm hotel and dry clothes after a long day’s hard ride, two snorting Harley Davidson motorcycles cross onto the i91 and head towards the edge of Arches National Park.


In the foreground, the mass of jet-black clouds gathers to greet them whilst a searchlight beam of the last sun of the day lights up the butte ahead of the riders.


Counting down the twists, turns and remaining miles to the sanctuary of the hotel and a good hot meal, the snorting motorcycles bark, dip and dive across the back roads, all the time watching the approaching storm and wondering which would arrive first in Moab…


Lightning flashes and strikes hard on the bluff peaks just ahead of the riders whilst thunder and static electricity crackle all around. Hairs rise on the back of the rider's necks, and they squint harder into the fading distance... Deep concentration and hope are high in the rider’s minds and they edge open the throttles just a little more…..


Skidding into the busy parking lot of the welcoming hotel, the first large drops of rain begin to fall... Within minutes, the clouds burst and the rain becomes torrential - but we are warm and dry and preparing for a warm and cleansing shower in the cosy, dry, hotel room.... Bring on tomorrow's ride!




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  • Moab before the storm: Images of a motorcycle road trip

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