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Miss Myra's Pigs


Last fall I was on a road trip across several Southern states, so it seemed only reasonable that some of my meals should be barbecue. After all...


So, having consulted a variety of websites and gotten some local advice, I ended up just outside Birmingham, Alabama, at Miss Myra's Pit BBQ, which I could smell even before the GPS told me I was about to arrive.


Heading in, it was impossible not to notice the showcase of pigs just outside the door, and the three larger, if less-well-kept ones just near them.


At the counter, ready to order my food, I noticed there were more pigs in an under-counter shelf.


And then some...


And then some more...


But, of course, I wasn't too distracted to order my brisket, pork, slaw and beans. And they were good.


On the other hand, it was impossible to pass up a chance to check out even more pigs...



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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