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Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

1-imageMy good friends took me to the Mercedes-Benz Museum this past June and I was quite impressed. Not only are the cars great and in superb condition, but the design of the building is pretty cool. It overlooks their factory and test track which was in use when I went.

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As you walk through the display, it feels like you're walking down a parking garage. Mercedes has their displays in historical order and has historical events inserted in the Mercedes timeline.The museum really is for everybody and not just car buffs. It even has some interactive displays for children. The written display is in English too, so it's really not necessary to get the audio guides.

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The admission price is 8 Euros and it is well worth it. They do have a racing simulator for 4 Euros extra but in my opinion that can be skipped.






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If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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I know the implications of using a scantily clad "Bimbo" to sell cars !

But its also a reminder of the "Fairer Sex" who'll be waiting when I get home to share my moment of madness in signing on the Dotted Line.

A Car is a Car. I can dream.

 Don't spoil it with trivia !

GarryRF, by bimbo selling a car, I presume you mean the guy in the blue t-shirt above, right?  The ones in the bottom photo are just mannequins in frilly color coordinated wraps.  


And a man can dream.  No question that the Mercedes product is a top-notch one.  

This display of beautiful cars is a modern day "Work of Art"

They require no adornment by mannequins from the Kmart.

I'd compare it to the Ad's we see at Bus Stops where some gorgeous model has had a Moustache added by some "Wag" with a Sharpie pen !

Or maybe adding some "Christmas Tinsel" to the Mona Lisa to improve her good looks !

"A place for everything - and everything in it's place!"

(A Bimbo - over here - is a Lady with stunning looks - but lower than average IQ)


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