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May 5, 2016: Liverpool Homes That Were "Saved" by World War II


 These homes, a few miles north of Liverpool UK, were built in the 1820s and 30s.
They were occupied by people like the Captain of the Titanic. Well heeled folk.
A hundred years later in the 1930s houses nearby were crumbling into the sea.
But something happened in the 1940s that saved these homes from destruction.
It started with World War 2. Any guesses how they were saved from destruction from the encroaching seas ?
The answer later today ....

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In May 1941 - during WWII - Liverpool and its docklands area was bombed for 8 consecutive days. 61,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

When the truckloads of bricks and rubble were removed they were placed between the houses in danger of disappearing and the mighty ocean.

Eventually it was possible to reclaim 1000 feet of land back from the water. The tide covered it with sand. And  Marren grass was planted along this 2 miles of reclaimed coastline.

So today we have a boating lake, kids adventure park, sand hills and a golf course.CIMG0287CIMG0294


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Fascinating story and an odd sidelight of the war. I believe you had another "saved by the war" story a while ago here, a picturesque tavern whose demolition order lapsed because everyone was too busy with the war.

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