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May 12, 2020: Downtown Spokane, Washington


I really enjoyed the eight years I lived in Spokane.  Situated in eastern Washington state, distantly framed by two great mountain ranges (Cascades to the west, Rockies to the east), with four enjoyable seasons and wonderful friendly people.

01 Downtown Spokane

02 Downtown Spokane

Most would be hard-pressed to find Spokane on a map, but it's in a beautiful forested and hilly area -- the tallest peak you see in the top photo is Mt. Spokane, which rises about 4000 feet above the community.  There are lots of lakes in the region and wonderful opportunities for summer and winter sports.

03 Downtown Spokane

These photos of downtown were taken from South Hill, looking north.  South Hill, downtown and the neighborhoods around downtown are where the city was formed and grew in the late 19th century.  Many of the buildings you see in these photos are more than 100 years old and most have been nicely preserved. 

04 Downtown Spokane

One of these photos served as last weekend's One Clue Mystery photo.  It's of the twin chimney stacks of the old Steam Plant building -- now a popular brewery and restaurant. The building with the flag to the right is the historic Davenport Hotel.   Congratulations to George G who recognized where we were.


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  • 00 Downtown Spokane
  • 01 Downtown Spokane
  • 02 Downtown Spokane
  • 03 Downtown Spokane
  • 04 Downtown Spokane

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