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Visiting a Massai Village, Tanzania


Our tour group was treated to an exploration of a Massai village when we visited the Olduvai Gorge.  Our lead guide negotiated with the community's chief for a few minutes, a substantial amount of cash changed hands, and soon all the people in the village were in their traditional garb, inviting us into their community.

04 Massai Village

The living conditions are simple and quite primitive.  People lived in huts constructed of sticks and dung -- no electricity, running water or plumbing.  There is a central open space in the village and an outer fence of thorny bushes.  At dusk the cattle are brought into the community from a day's grazing in the hills, the fence is resealed, the thorny barrier quite effective in keeping out lions and other predators.

05 Massai Village

0 Massai Village

The people were amazing -- friendly, happy, welcoming!  The women sang songs and sold souvenirs.

03 Massai Village

The men engaged in some kind of jumping ritual, the object seeming to be to see which one could get the most altitude.  I think NBA scouts should be here getting talent for basketball.

00 Massai village

01 Massai Village

02 Massai Village


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