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M&M World, Times Square, New York


I love sharing stories and pictures from our travels. It helps remind me the feelings I felt while there, and I get to share our experience with other travelers or those wanting to travel. One such place I enjoyed last Christmas was visiting the M&M’s World Store in Times Square.  We had been in the area on a previous trip but never made it into the store.  We were too busy visiting the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, lol.  So glad we did on our last trip. It was fantastic and so excited to share our visit.

m&m store 2Here is a short bit of history of M&M's before I tell you about our visit. Apparently in 1941, Forrest Mars Sr., of the Mars candy company, struck a deal with Bruce Murrie, son of famed Hershey president William Murrie,  to develop a hard shelled candy with chocolate at the center. The name thus stood for “Mars & Murrie” the co-creators of the candy. I though that was quite interesting. I also found out that the M&M's World store in New York opened with much excitement on December 7, 2006.

 M&M's World Characters and Colors


m&m blueThe first thing I noticed after we walked into the M&M’s World store was the huge blue character. I didn’t know this until our visit, but apparently there are different types of M&M’s based on characters or colors. I thought it was interesting and did not know about a lot of these. How many did you know?

  • Red - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Crispy
  • Yellow - Peanut and Dark Chocolate Peanut
  • Blue - Almond, Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate
  • Green - Almond, Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate
  • Orange - Crispy and Pretzel
  • Brown - Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate
  • Caramel (cube) - Caramel
  • Pretzel Guy (symmetrical) - Pretzel


M&M's World 3 Floors


m&m store 1The next thing I noticed was how large it was inside because it didn’t really look that big from the outside. However it is over 25,000 square feet, with 3 floors filled with M&M'S chocolates, merchandise, and specially-designed New York-themed M&M'S. I was in awe, lol.It was so colorful, loud, and busy, but I loved it. The clerks were very friendly and willing to answer any questions anyone had about M&M's World Store, or M&M's in general.

M&M's World Personalized M&M's


m&m libertyOne unique feature the M&M’s World store has to offer is the ability to create your own customized M&M’s. You get to choose from 16 different colors of M&M'S Brand Milk Chocolate Candies, creating a customized message, and picking an image, like the "big apple," "I Love NY," the Statue of Liberty, the New York Giants, New York Jets, New York Yankees and New York Mets logos, and more. .We didn’t take advantage of this perk, but it did sound like a lot of fun. Maybe next time we will do this for a special occasion.  Having a kids name of M&M’s for their birthday party would probably be really cool for them.

 M&M's World Merchandise


m&m merchandise 1Another thing that amazed  me a little was all the merchandise. Not just the amount of merchandise, but all the different type of merchandise. Besides the candies, they had everything from ornaments, magnets, apparel, (including pajamas), oven mitts, cups, pot holders, mugs, containers, bags, pillows, watches, piggy banks, socks, purses, towels and tons of gift ideas with the M&M”s Logo.

m&m merchandise 2


M&M's World Wall of Chocolate


m&m candiesOne thing that didn’t really surprise me was all the different flavors and colors of the M&M’s available. I listed a bunch of them above, but that is just a list of the basics. What did get my attention was the 50-foot wide, two-story-high, "wall of chocolate", made up of 72 continuous candy-filled tubes. That was quite impressive. As I said earlier, we were there at Christmas so they had a lot of Christmas themed colors and flavors in those tubes. Those were the ones I was most interested. You can get the others ones other places, but not sure about the Christmas selection. We bought about a ¼ pound which was $7.99 for ½ pound at the time of this post. 

m&m us

M&M's World Kids Entertainment


m&m personWhile we were there they had a live version of the blue character (must be one of their favorite, lol) standing around taking pictures with kids or guests to help remember their visit. I didn't take a visit with the person, but I did take a picture of them.    The kids got a real kick out of it, and it was fun to see their excitement.

Final Thoughts


m&m signWe had an incredible time strolling around the M&N's World store in Times Square. It may have been loud and busy, but it was so colorful and happy that you couldn't help but feel upbeat. I only wish the prices hadn't been so expensive as I would have liked to have brought a whole lot more M&M's plus merchandise, but it was just a little too pricey for our budget. I love to people watch though, and I got to watch a lot of people coming and going. Seeing the kids excitement was still probably the best part of the whole experience. It you are anywhere near Times Square in New York, you must make sure to stop in and check out their wonderful store. In the meantime, here is a link to their website where you can order your own M&M's as well as merchandise. I will end this post by leaving some visitor information.

 Visitor Information

  • Address: 1600 Broadway New York, NY 10019
  • Phone: (212) 295-3850
  • Hours: Daily 9 am — 12 am


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