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Low water again affecting Rhine shipping


Water levels in the Rhine River in western Germany have dropped so low that a number of ships have run aground, and the situation may soon affect river cruise ships as well. Last year, numbers of ships were unable to complete cruises because of low water.

Shipping on the Rhine has suffered through a boom-and-bust cycle of water before, but this year's drop, to 50% or less of normal depth, is especially severe, and ironically comes only about 3 months after the river had to be closed to shipping because water was too high for ships to pass under bridges.

The low water levels also narrow the channel, making it difficult for ships to pass, and to go around some of the river's bends. At times, captains have had to unload portions of their cargoes and leave them for another ship to pick up.

Autumn is usually a low-water time for the Rhine, but levels this year are approaching the record set in 2003 when it reached 1.74 meters, under 6 feet, at Duisburg.

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As the Jet Stream crosses the Atlantic Ocean it frequently finds a new line to follow.  The rain bearing winds - destined for Europe - have now been pushed up to Iceland then onto Scandinavia for the past few months 

So while I've been out watering the Tomato plants - its been raining in not so sunny Spain.

One man's meat is another man's poison I suppose.


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