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Local Flavor: Pearl Brewery Farmers Market, San Antonio


While enjoying the Riverwalk in San Antonio in February of 2018, we heard a Farmers Market and decided to check it out. It  was called the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market and was different than some of the other ones, but truly interesting. I also remember all the cute dogs and kids running around. It made me really miss our puppies and wished that they were with us. However, it was fun petting many of them.

Pearl Brewery Farmers Market  Video

The Pearl Brewery Farmers Market hosts over 40 vendors every Saturday and Sunday with products ranging from farm fresh produce and dairy, to honey, salsas, baked goods, olive oils, and gourmet candies.  Here is a link to their vendors . There were so many that I can’t share all of them on this post, but I did make a short video of some of the random pictures I took that day. Hope you enjoy them.

Pearl Brewery - Fountain

The first thig I noticed when we walked into the Pearl Brewery Square was the water fountain where kids and dogs apparently were cooling off and playing in the water. It looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Pearl Brewery - Off the Grid

We also heard some music played by a group called Off the Grid. It was enjoyable listening to them as we walked around and checked out the vendors. They move around and play at a lot of different places so above is a link to their Facebook page so you can find out where they will be.

Pearl Brewery - What's Brewing

It was still early when we got there so we stopped at a place called What’s Brewing and got a drink. For nearly 40 years they have been offering a variety of coffees ranging from light roasted single origins to thoughtfully crafted and darkly roasted blends

Pearl Brewery - Paws Treats

It was then that we saw a place called PAWsitively Sweet Bakery. It was a vendor selling treats, chews, meal toppers, gourmet pastries and birthday cakes s for the pups. I thought that was so cool and would have probably bought something if our dogs had been with us. We said hi to them, but kept moving on. The next time we are there with our fur babies we will definitely get them something.

Pearl Brewery - Sol Y Luna

Eventually we ended up getting ourselves a treat at a place called Sol y Luna Baking  Company. We shared a cookie and I have to say it was very good. However they had many other bakery goodies besides just cookies. They even have a healthy diet menu.

Pearl Brewery - Gourmet Pasta

The one other interesting vendor I wanted to mention was Gourmet Texas Pasta. They are based out of Austin and have hand crafted flavored whole wheat and gluten-free pastas. They were very interesting and we also bought some, but didn’t want to have to carry it around all day. Still may order some one day.

Pearl Brewery - 1

We had a blast walking around the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market and checking out all the vendors. Here is a link to their website with more information and hours. It was a great way to start a weekend morning and we are very glad we took the time to check it out.

Pearl Brewery - 2

However, the dogs were the highlight for me I think. There were three that stuck out in my mind. A huge Mastiff, a little while Pomeranian and a chocolate tea cup poodle named Lucy. She reminded us both of our late little poodle named Lucy. Her owner even let me hold her for a few. That was so awesome. We had a great time in San Antonio, but I don’t think I have been happier to get back home after a trip to love our puppies. Hopefully we can make it back there one day with our fur babies.


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  • Pearl Brewery - 1
  • Pearl Brewery - 2
  • Pearl Brewery - Fountain
  • Pearl Brewery - Gourmet Pasta
  • Pearl Brewery - Off the Grid
  • Pearl Brewery - Paws Treats
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  • Pearl Brewery - Sol Y Luna
  • Pearl Brewery - What's Brewing

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I'm so tempted to buy the wonderful foods I see in street markets. But being a tourist with nowhere to store and cook I regret I must pass.

Much of the fruit and veg I have never seen before and I'm eager to try.

Which is true I suppose for most folks in England. If we don't recognise a sweet potato - then we don't buy it. 

I do miss the vanilla flavoured Apples ( Custard Apples )  I had in Australia.


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