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Lisbon in Vegan Top Ten


Lisbon has made its first appearance on a list of top destinations for vegans, making #10 on a world list compiled by a vegan organization called Happy Cow.

Happy Cow judges cities on a number of factors including how many vegan restaurants in the city center, number of fully vegan food businesses of other sorts, density of vegan businesses per capita, growth of vegan businesses since the last report and an evaluation from 'TeamCow,' such as how easy it is to find vegan options, how well veganism is understood, and how active the vegan community is.

Happy Cow's Top Ten list for 2024

  1. London
  2. Berlin
  3. Barcelona
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Hamburg
  6. Portland
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Paris
  9. Bangkok
  10. Lisbon

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