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Let's Go Shopping at Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA


One of the things my husband really wanted to see and do while we were in the Seattle area was visit the Pike Place Market and watch the guys throw some fish around. I really didn’t see the appeal on the fish throwing part, but I did want to see the market.  We spent a few hours one afternoon before heading next door to Safeco Field to watch my Angels play the Mariners. We had a great time walking about the busy market place.

Pike Place Market - FishOnce we parked, which was an adventure in itself, we walked in and I was assaulted with all the smells. Sadly it wasn’t the flower smells, but the fish smells, lol. However; I have to say it didn’t smell even half as bad as some of the open fish markets up in Vancouver that we were at earlier in the week. I was shocked at all the different stands of fish markets. Each one was so different and unique. My husband was very pleased to have been able to see some fish being thrown around. Again, I have to say I don’t see the excitement, but he enjoyed so that made me happy.

Pike Place Market - FruitWe also saw many produce stands selling fruits and vegetables. These were interesting and I liked how they were all different but the same. A lot of them had the same types of veggies, but they organized their area to make it unique and stand out to shoppers.  None of them looked alike. I also have to say that I believe I saw some fruits and vegetables that I don’t think I had ever seen. Pretty cool.

Pike Place Market - OilThere was one vendor that was different from all the others. They were selling Olive Oil and have many different types. What I liked about this vendor was that they had little bowls with the oil and small little pieces of bread to dip and taste.  It was fun and I definitely found some I liked and didn’t like. There was one which I would have liked to have purchased, but we were checking our luggage and didn’t want to pay a bag fee for a bottle of olive oil, lol. Maybe next time, as it was really good and contained garlic, yum.

Pike Place Market - FlowersThe thing I actually enjoyed the most about Pike Place Market was all the flower vendors. They looked so pretty and smelled so good. They were so many rows of beautiful and colorful flowers. Now that I think about it that might have been the reason the fish didn’t smell so bad, lol. Either way, I enjoyed walking around in the beauty of their presence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many flowers in one place. Maybe in a florist, but I don’t even think they had that many. It was wonderful to see and enjoy. Hubby wanted to buy me a flower, but they didn’t sell individual and we were going to the game later, so it wouldn’t have survived long anyway.

Pike Place Market - JewlerySeeing the flowers was my favorite part of visiting Pike Place Market, but I did enjoy looking at some of the jewelry vendors. I didn’t see many of them, but they were there, along with those selling shirts, hats, jewelry key chains, etc. I also enjoyed all the little restaurants in the area. Also had some yummy Gelato for sale, which was great for an unusually hot Seattle day. I know shocking, lol. We did have a great time and I really enjoyed walking along the water and seeing the big Ferris Wheel. Looked like fun, but we decided to look around a little more and then head to the game. Hope you enjoyed our visit to Pike Place Market. Should be on your list to see and do in Seattle.

Pike Place Market - Ferris Wheel


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I love the sights, the sounds, the colours and - yes - the smells of a market. Finding a new fruit or vegetable is amazing. Usually in a country I'm visiting.

I found your husbands likings so funny. I read it to my wife but I couldn't finish a sentence for laughing ! Maybe he's a Monty Python fan ?



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Great visit to a great market!  I try to get to the Pike's Place market almost every time I visit Seattle. 

You are right, Samantha, there's nothing magical about the fish being thrown around.  Everytime someone buys a salmon, it sails from one employee to another to another, and they are remarkably good at it!  So if you want to see the action, buy yourself one of these great fish.  This is actually a very well known feature of the market and the salmon can be frozen and shipped most anywhere in the world.

A video showing the fish-throwing culture if you're interested (fast forward to about 1:00 min):

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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Thanks for the comments guys. Garry, glad you and your wife liked my post. Yes, he is a Monty Python fan and says - One thin wafter, lol.  Thanks for the video drfumblefinger. Thanks again for the comments. 

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