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Kyoto Tells Tourists What Not To Do

 The city of Kyoto has released a 'Don'ts for travelers guide'. The manners list includes such advice as not to ride a bicycle when under the influence and not to cancel a dinner reservation at the last minute.

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If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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This...I don't know what to call it.  "List" is too small a word.  Visual manifesto?  Fascinating, the way a car wreck is fascinating.  Japan was the first place I wanted to travel when I had a childhood friend from Japan.  As an adult, I've had any number of opportunities to visit and haven't.  I realized recently that what was stopping me was fear of giving offense.  Kyoto has been the place that I thought I might brave my fears to see but this piece of municipal propaganda has wiped that thought from my mind.  Anyone who thinks I'm over-reacting, have a look at the faces that represent Kyoto in this ad for a judgmental society and see my worst fears in technicolor.

It is one of those real-life bad jokes.  I find particularly humorous the rules about when and how to take photographs.  Anyone who's stumbled upon a group of Japanese tourists know that they'll fight for the best shot if they have to!   Guess the rules apply to foreign guests, not local residents.

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Wow.  Most of the list IS common sense.  But tourists don’t always practice common sense, maybe at times myself included.


Thing is, I have observed several Japanese tourists doing exactly what they advise not to do on their list during my travels to Europe.  :-/  Most recently, almost felt that the rules didn’t apply to them as I was scolded for taking a picture without flash at Sacre-Coeur (didn’t see the sign).  That was my mistake.  However, while I was getting scolded for my offense,  several Japanese tourists were around me clicking and flashing away and nothing was said.  Maybe they didn’t see the sign either.  But I would think they would have been given the same scolding.  Ah well. 


The restaurant thing is a *bit* restrictive.  While this is true everywhere as it would be a courtesy and polite to not cancel at the last minute, things and life happen.  After all, the alternative would be one not canceling at all and just not show up.  To cancel, at least they might be able to make other arrangements other than holding an empty table.  But, hey, who am I to judge another culture.  

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