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June 20, 2018: Beer in a Carton


Our grandson, Christopher, sent me this unusual photo from his visit to South Africa two years ago.  The warning label is quite large and so is the beer carton.  I looked up some information on Joburg Beer which is brewed in Soweto, South Africa.  Apparently, during the apartheid era in South Africa, it was illegal for blacks to drink beer made by white people.  People got around this by putting beer in milk cartons to fool the police and the old tradition of packaging it this way is still going on today.


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  • Beer in a Carton

George G

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What an odd origin !

Things once embedded seem to take a long time to change, even when it's obvious ! I've always hated drinking straight from a carton anyway. 

In south India I had a surprise when I heard there was some Indian 'Port' at the store and got a small plastic pouch full of something that bore more resemblance to red wine vinegar. 

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