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July 24, 2016: Brasilia’s Stunning Architecture (Brazil)


The only city built in the 20th Century to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Brasilia is fascinating, disturbing and intimidating alike:


- Fascinating, as this is a clear proof of the strength of strong political visions and volunteerism.  Creating from scratch a new capital city and by doing so creating new models of urbanism is a unique example in History.


- Intimidating at first sight, with its 6 or even 12 lanes city highways shaping the city and linking thematic districts (bank district, hotel district, commercial district…).


- Last but not least, disturbing because anachronic, as Brasilia clearly shows the limits of this urbanism of the 1950s and 1960s solely based on cars. Yes, Brasilia was designed with the clear idea that everyone has or will have a car. Without your own wheels, moving around this city is a major challenge and very limiting.




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Hadn't thought of the Jetsons... (aka Flintstones in Space...LOL). But here's a real building that seems to catch elements, but with a more restrained hand, of the Brasilia Cathedral. It's the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, of which more on Wednesday!


The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations


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I do not know the show, but to me, Brasilia looks like nothing else I had seen and experience: on the one hand completely futuristic, on the other hand now also (at least form a European point of view) completely anachronistic, as he city is built around having a car (no way you can walk in this city)...

But it is a very rewarding visit !!!

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