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July 11, 2018: New Orleans Streetcars


While in New Orleans we had the opportunity to ride the red trolleys all over the city. We quickly learned that most people in New Orleans actually call them streetcars, not trolleys. I was unable to find the reason behind this, but I have to say I heard both terms used. I also found out that they have two different types of streetcars, the highly red visible cars and the older green cars.

Green Trolley 2The Red Canal Streetcar Line, which originally operated from 1861 to 1964 and which was rebuilt and reopened in 2004, runs the entire length of Canal Street, from near the Mississippi River to the cemeteries at City Park Avenue. The Green St. Charles Streetcar Line is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world, having opened in 1835. Each car operating on the line is a historic landmark. It runs from Canal Street all the way to the end of St. Charles Avenue at South Carrolton Avenue, then out South Carrolton Avenue to its terminal at Carrolton and Claiborne.

Us on Trolly


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Pittsburgh residents also call them streetcars.  They were such an easy way to get around when I was a youngster.  Not sure if the city has them any longer, but I took the German Strassenbahn's many times during my 18 years of living in that country.  Unlimited weekly tickets made it a breeze to get around the cities.

George G

HI George. I hope they still have them in Pittsburgh. It is on our bucket list and would love to ride them around the city Thanks for sharing.

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