January 20, 2020: Newport Beach, California


Newport Beach is a wonderful Southern California beach known for it's surfing, body- surfing, harbor, fishing and an old school amusement park. 



1579404883999-1There is metered parking next to the pier and many people go there to watch the surfers and have coffee. 


Charlie's Chili, near the Newport Pier, has quite the history.  Stars like John Wayne would order buckets of their chili. Their food is good, portions are humongous and service is friendly. 


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Great photos Rob. Can I use your POD page to ask a question that I've been afraid to ask ? When I visit my US Family each year from the UK I am impressed with the good standards of Restaurant Food. But when I ask why some Restaurants are rated better than others the answer surprises me. "Because Restaurant C serves huge portions"  In a health concious World I wonder do folks ever question themselves ?

Always a puzzle, Garry, when looking at restaurant reviews, because not everyone values the same thing, and not everyone is health-conscious, even if they say so! And it's not just portion size, either: even in more sensible portions there can be a lot of unhealthy extra calories, food that isn't fresh, etc.

And with the arrival of plant-based 'meat,' I find myself amazed at how many people who rail against processed food are pleased to eat this incredibly-processed 'food' because it is 'plant-based.' Might be closer to the truth if you viewed the 'plant' part as referring to a manufacturing plant, not one growing in the soil...

...steps off soapbox, slinks quietly into corner, covering head...

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

 Also Garry, unlike countries like Japan, it's common here to get a "doggy bag" for leftover food. A lot of people take that home and reheat it for their lunch at work the next day.  I found is its pretty easy finding healthy choices in restaurants in the US in bigger cities. The problem can be in  rural areas where sometimes all they have is chain and fast food restaurants. 

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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