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Island Air: Even Billionaires Get Airline Blues

Larry Ellison, of Oracle fame and billions (he's one of the world's richest) is still having trouble keeping Island Air (he owns it all) flying to Lanai, Hawaii (he owns 97%). Since acquiring the airline a bit over a year ago, there have been problems with unreliable planes and more. CLICK for more info.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Well, it's worth noting that Hawaiian has still not gotten Ohana off the ground, literally. They're citing FAA's cutbacks due to sequestration and then the shutdown as the reason. Island Air used to be a Hawaiian affiliate, flying Dash-8s and ATR-42s into small airports and feeding passengers into Hawaiian.


Ohana was/is their plan to stay in that market with ATR42s. Island is unhappy with its ATRs (both the 42 and the larger 72), but doesn't seem to be able to solve any of its problems. I think if I were headed for Lana'i, I'd want the phone number of a good canoe renter...

Originally Posted by CICAK:

Billionaires are made, not born.  

Many billionaires are self-made, Cicak.  Many are born into their wealth.  I'm thinking here of the likes of the Mars family (of chocolate fame) and Walton family (Walmart), as well as hundreds of Saudi princes to name just some.


I have no problem with people getting rich either way.  I think those who earn the wealth often seem more content, but I could be wrong.

Mr. Ellison plays hardball.  He comes by his wealth through calculated strategy.  It appears that the matter of securing better aircraft for his airline is part of a larger effort to corner the market for premium service to "his" island.  Who knows, maybe the island is for sale ?  Make him an offer.   When you own the island, let me know; I will be glad to come to Lanai and run the canoe livery.

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