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Happy Easter with Romanian Traditional food

The Easter is the most important celebration of the Romanian people and it is preceded by numerous preparations and rituals.

One of the rituals consists in the preparation of the Romanian traditional food, which for me is the most important thing because the food is very good, tasty, it looks and smells amazing when it's cooked at home. Maybe you heard about some of the Romanian traditional dishes before, but i think it will be nice to see why we Romanians brag and tell everybody about our food.


1) The stars of this holiday are the eggs, which they are painted in various colors but the most common color is red, which represents the blood of Jesus Christ who sacrificed for the people. The most interesting traditional eggs are the decorated eggsThe most used decorative motifs for these eggs are: the lost path (on which the souls of the dead walk toward the judgment), the cross, the fir or oak leaf. The most beautiful decorated eggs are the ones made in Maramures area, where also every year is held a contest for these decorated eggs.


 Romanian Decorated Eggs





There’s the custom of knocking the eggs. It is believed that those who knock their eggs will see each other on the other world, after death.


2) The main dish is The traditional Easter lamb, which also symbolizes Jesus. In Banat region, the remains of the sacrificed lamb are buried under an apple or a pear tree, in order that the family should be healthy. Along with this dish Romanians make another dish which consists in lamb also, called "Drob", shown below:





3) Tripe sour soup.



4) Rolled Stuffed Cabbage (also known as Sarmals)- this dish is a Christmas traditional food but in some parts of Romania it's made for the Easter Holiday too.



And something sweet

5) ”Pasca”, a special Easter cake with sweet cheese, is baked on Great Thursday, but especially on Saturday, so it wouldn’t alter until Easter. It has a round shape or a rectangular one (the shape of Jesus's grave).





6) Cozonac (<small>Romanian pronunciation: </small>[kozoˈnak]) or Kozunak (Bulgarian:козунак,) is a traditional Bulgarian and Romanian sweet bread. There are many variations of fillings for the Cozonac. The basic dough does not vary much.



cozonac cu rahat 1


We have many many other traditional dishes but those I presented are the most delicious, makes me really hungry just by seeing the pictures.

I would like to ask all of you: did you eat any Romanian food and what was your impression about them? My favorite is "Pasca" and the "Drob".


Enjoy the pictures and next year visit Romania to try this amazing food!



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  • Decorated Eggs
  • Decorated Eggs
  • Decorated Eggs
  • "Drob"
  • Drob
  • "Pasca"
  • "Cozonac"
  • "Cozonac"
  • Tripe sour soup
  • Rolled Stuffed Cabbage

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Thanks so much for bringing back some good food memories. I  especially like the sarmale- stuffed grape leaves but also like the stuffed cabbage too.


Could you please share also about the Romanian staple Mamaliga?



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