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Happy Birthday, Finland—your present is a mountain!


It's not yet a done deal, but a campaign to give Finland a mountain as a gift on the 100th anniversary of its independence is gaining support in Norway.

Norway has lots of mountains; Finland is mostly flat. On their common border, Halti rises to 1365 metres, not even one of the top 200 in the country...but one of it spurs, over 40 meters lower, is the highest point in Finland. The proposal, which now has the support of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, would shift the border 20 meters to put the peak in Finland.

The idea came from a former Mapping Authority employee who'd been thinking about it since surveying the area in 1972. His son put the idea up on Facebook, where it's become a hot topic, with lots of support from both sides of the border. Finland became independent of Russia in 1917 at the time of the Russian Revolution.

More details available at—click HERE

Photo: the not-very-tall mountain peak in question. Ken Bartlett,


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