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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, November 25, 2014: Fall colors at Upper Kananaskis Lake, Alberta


Fall is a special time of year in the mountains.  While the colors in the Canadian Rockies are not as varied as in eastern North America, it's still very lovely.  Here is some beautiful mountain lake scenery and a surprise moose encounter all from a recent a weekend hiking trip to the Upper Kananakis Lake.  The lake is located approximately 1.5 hours driving from south west of Calgary in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 








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  • Fall Colors, along the highway 40 towards the  Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.
  • Fall Colors, along the highway 40 towards the  Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.
  • Fall Colors, Upper Kananakis Lake, Alberta
  • Fall Colors, Upper Kananakis Lake, Alberta
  • Fall Colors, Upper Kananakis Lake, Alberta
  • Fall Colors, Upper Kananakis Lake, Alberta
  • A surprise moose encounter, by the Upper Kananakis Lake, Alberta

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Beautiful and unspoilt - is this part of Canada as big as it looks?

Do the city folks come here to get back to nature ?

Looks like camping heaven - but does it have any wildlife that likes human blood?

Could it be too good to be true ?

Great pix - worthy of a Gumbo Calendar Dr.Y !! 

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Hi GarryRF,


Yes, this part of the world includes vaste stretches of wilderness.   Lots and lots of unspoiled mountains, valleys, forests, rivers and lakes.   It is only an hour's drive from west Calgary, so lots of those of us who live here spend our weekends in the Rockies.  Much like those in Denver.  


Camping is wonderful in the summertime, as the weather is mild and the days very long.  It's also great to hike here at that time.  Camping in the winter is only for the brave of heart.  You need to like the cold and snow.  It's very safe to camp her, as the most dangerous animal in the world, Homo sapiens, is found in small numbers.  There are animals that might harm you -- grizzly and black bears, cougars, wolves and the like, but they don't like people and they don't like campgrounds.  The trash at campgrounds is kept in animal proof containers, so they're not a pest.


You're far more likely to die hitting a deer on your trip to the campground than to have a wild animal attack you in the campground.  Deer related deaths are actually more common than those due to dog bites or allergic reactions to bee bites.


You need to come out here sometime and we'll go camping     I'll take you fishing and canoeing.  


By the way, Dr. Y is on vacation so he'll respond to you when he returns.

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

My Wife - she who must be obeyed - loves a single Kayak and the open sea.

So I presume this would be on a lake. Much safer I think.

Sounds like you have the perfect location for a wilderness family like ours !

When we camp in summer you'd mistake some of the tents for aircraft hangers.

But the kids and babies come too. Canoes and Fishing rods. Wet suits and waders.

We go to Shell Island in Wales - but only when the tides out. Need to plan your journey ahead. They only have Grizzly Sheep.


This is what happens when you think your Range Rover can handle an incoming tide of 5 inches above the road ! It was completely submerged in an hour.


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  • ShellRover
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