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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 7th, 2014: Bees




Does this picture make anyone else want to gently reach out with a finger and give him a little pet?  I wanted to but a childhood memory of being stung on the end of my index finger helped me to resist the temptation. 


I was fascinated watching him, he was so in the moment and I found myself admiring him for it.  It struck me then that I was also in the moment, not worrying about anything, not needing to be anywhere else, fully present to the experience – I learned how to just be from a bee!






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  • Bee, Wildflower
  • Bee, Sunflower
  • Bee, Sunflower
  • Bee, Sunflower

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Sure PortMoresby, the two cameras I use are a Pentax K10D  dSLR with a Pentax DA 55-300 mm f4-5.8 lens and the other is a Panasonic Lumix TS2.  The Lumix takes macro pictures like nothing else I have used, I am learning to get better at taking macro with my K10D but am still not as good yet as I am with the Lumix.


DrF, the honey bee (the one with no hair) was taken in the lovely flower gardens at Lake Louise, Alberta and the bumble bees were taken on a trip to the Bowden Corn and Sunflower Maze just west of Bowden, Alberta.  Taking in the corn maze in Bowden is a flower photographers heaven as they have massive flower gardens with hundreds of different flowers and Sunflowers twice the size of your head!  You can spend hours here photographing all the different kinds and then you can pick an amazing bouquet to take home with you for about 10-15 dollars that you will not find in any store.  Getting lost in the corn or sunflower maze is pretty fun too!  Marco..... 

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