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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 15, 2014:The Highways of the 1700's



  The Leeds to Liverpool Canal - 127 miles of man made waterway.


There are thousands of miles of man-made canals covering England. They are used today for leisure. Boating, fishing, walking or cycling the toe paths. They pass through farmland and cities and are a great way of getting back to nature. No traffic or roads and peaceful.

Many mature folks buy a canal boat when they retire and live on the waterways all year!

When this waterway was constructed it carried the cotton from the southern states of America. From the Port of Liverpool where it was offloaded from the ocean going ships to Horse-drawn canal barges. The huge cotton mills that lined the canal needed a constant supply of raw material to keep them producing rolls of woven material ready to export to the world. So the barges would take the finished rolls back to Liverpool where they were ready to load back onto the ships. 

The mechanization of traditional hand made cloth was the start of the Industrial Revolution. From home made goods to huge factories producing at a lower cost.




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Hi Rob. I think people who live in warm climates should be taught the pleasures of Winter ! Cold weather can be pleasant too - and fun !

Then when my fingers go numb I'll go online and book the Caribbean !

People say "how lucky you are to go away 3 or 4 times a year".

Yes - but I don't drive a new car that brings me to tears when it gets scratched !

Getting my priorities right !!






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