Gumbo's Pic of the Day, January 27, 2015: Breaking the winter blues at the Calgary Zoo

 01 Calgary Zoo


Long winter blues with bad weather and nowhere to go?   Why not pay a visit to the Calgary Zoo?  Even in the cold hard winter weather in Alberta, you still can see Amur tigers out in the snow; Hippo Libi perform his back flips; colorful tropical butterflies flitter all-year-around in the conservatory.  But the most exciting thing, perhaps, is to watch and walk with the popular Penguin family. 


During the Christmas and New Year season, The Zoolights show also attracts big crowds every night with the colorful light displays.


02 Calgary Zoo

03 Calgary Zoo

04 Calgary Zoo

05 Calgary Zoo

06 Calgary Zoo

07 Calgary Zoo




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That's a good point, GarryRF!  People who live in places with cold climates do adapt and most involve their kids in out door activities -- winter or summer.  For example, downhill skiing is very popular.


But that walk with the penguins intrigues me.  I've never heard of this except, of course, in Antarctica.  Need to go by and check it out sometime.

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