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Feb. 4, 2016: Speke Hall, Liverpool England


Speke Hall, originally built in 1530, has an atmospheric interior that spans many periods. The Great Hall and priest hole date from Tudor times, while the Oak Parlour and smaller rooms, some with William Morris wallpapers, illustrates the Victorian desire for privacy and comfort.

There is also fine Jacobean plasterwork and intricately carved furniture. A fully equipped Victorian kitchen and servants' hall enable visitors to see 'behind the scenes'. The restored garden has spring bulbs, a rose garden, summer border and stream garden, and there are woodland walks and magnificent views of the Mersey  and North Wales.


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The early architecture of nearby Chester predates Speke Hall by over 1.000 years.

I asked a Canadian girl who was visiting my daughter if she would like to walk around the 2,000 year old wall of Chester. Built by the Romans.

"We did history in school. It sucks, Cant we just drive ?"

I think appreciation of the finer points of life are acquired when you turn 40.


Well, didn't Sophie Tucker tell us that 'Life Begins at 40?" Here's a clip for anyone who's forgotten (or is too young)...

Incidentally, she was 60 at the time she recorded it...

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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